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Derived from the more common 'Bluetooth', Browntooth is a standard communication format used by hobos and/or tramps.

Said vagrant will emit a rambling noise from their mouth indeterminable to anyone not 'Browntooth' compatible. Once the noise is picked up by a fellow rubbish-raider the two can communicate freely.
The tramp used browntooth to locate fellow tramps in the vicinity.
by Mr Evans Rules August 17, 2008
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Browntooth technology is what crazy bums and tweekers talk to themselves on. It's a completely wireless technology, there is no external ear piece. Rather, the lone brown 'poop' tooth thats left in their mouth is the primary communication device.
Crazy, Tweeker Bum walking down the street carrying on a conversation with him/herself. You look, but no ear piece, and no one else around. You say, "Ahhh, that dude must be talkin' on his Browntooth ."
by MostExcellentDude March 23, 2009
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When you hve a friend that constantly has a Bluetooth headset in his ear, wait until he falls asleep, remove the headset, and drop a nice firm turd along his ear. Then go to another room and call his cell. There ya have it: Browntooth at work.
If Fayed doesn't remove that damn bluetooth earpiece soon, I'm gonna give him a Browntooth when he takes his disco nap.
by elhelmete August 28, 2008
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