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A word to describe an awesome Indian. Someone who is bigger then a boss. CEO caliber, baby.
Rashad: hey you bang that college girl?
Tunuk Tunuk: yeah, i dumped her after playing around a bit.
Rashad: you're so brownnasty bro!
by De$sean August 15, 2012
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Synonym for badass, beat, raw, dope. Someone or something that inspires awe. Being brownnasty is the peak of one's life. Few accomplish it, but the ones that do elicit fervent admiration and become members of the brownnasty crew.
Patel: Hey bro, I heard you're the backup qb at Alabama. You must be getting all the chicks, right?

Chandelle: Hell yeah man. More threesomes then I can even count. It's safe to say I'm brownnasty.

Bob: Welcome to the brownnasty crew!
by Theogbrownnasty(De$ean) July 31, 2014
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A word used to describe something so amazing that no other word truly applies.
Joe: Tom Brady was amazing last night!
Desean: Yeah, he was brownnasty!
by De$ean December 20, 2011
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