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Having a bowel movement while taking a shower and then using one big toe(s) to try to smash it up so the fecal matter washes down the drain.
I gave myself a brown toe today in the shower after I couldn't make it to the toilet.
by SidLouganis May 27, 2009
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When one person slips their big toe into the ass crack of another person.
Chris: Im sleeping here leave me be im not hurting anyone.
Alyssa: (Slips big toe into Chris' ass.)
Chris: AHHHHH GET THAT TOE OUT!! You sneaky Brown Toe Crazy monkey face.
by Zenrid July 28, 2006
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When playing hacky sack with sandals on, you pick the hacky sack up by pinching it between your big toe and sandal. This is usually a bad thing because people dont want your dirty nasty feet on their sack.
Av, quit brown toe-ing the hacky sack!
by Rapskalli0n May 23, 2006
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