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Defintition 1 noun : Someone goes was beyond the line that has been set whether it be an insult or a story that is false
Definition 2 noun : Someone who thinks they know all things when in fact they know nothing and shoot down all of your beliefs by using counter examples that don't exist

Definition 3 noun : To be an "asshole" above and beyond the call of duty
Definition 4 noun : Someone who is extremely hypocritical
Definition 5 noun: Someone who has their own standard of time.

Defintion 6 noun: Some who thinks they are attractive and can get any girl but can only get girls that are considerably younger than them
Definition 7 noun: Someone who is so incredibly horny that the stories of their sexual endeavors are probably that of a script to pornography
D1: Making retarded jokes at an autism carnival
D2:Person1:Dude the Marlins are in the AFC North
Person2: No they're in the NL East dude
Person1: Bro they're in the AFC it
Person2: Dude that's Brown Status
D3:In Japan yelling...IT'S GODZILLA!!!!!
D4:Acting holy at church then fucking M-Sat
D5:Someone who shows up an hour later than they say they will
D6: (Self-explanatory)
D7:I totally had a 3some with these girls after asking , "would you like to say hello to my little friend ;) ? "
by LittleCaesar July 26, 2011
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