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The UPS delivery person. Sometimes used in reference to purchasing oneself goods, rather than buying for others.
Check it out, Brown Santa came to my house yesterday, and gave me a new bike!
by oatmeal769 November 14, 2007
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When one person squats over someone else holding their ass open and shits down their chimney.
John: "Wait why aren't Phil and Kate speaking?"
Dave: "They were having anal sex, when he surprised her with a Brown Santa..."
by HouseMD42 April 30, 2013
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That's where you take a dump in a box, wrap it and put it under the tree. The best way to accomplish this to attend a Christmas party, bring a real gift and let every body know that it is yours so they will associate you with that gift. Then slip the Brown Santa under the tree without anybody watching.

This can be done at any party or celebration such as a birthday party or wedding, and with any inappropriate gift: vibrators, gay porn, roadkill and cremated remains.
You should have see the boss' face when he opened a Brown Santa.
by OldManD December 15, 2009
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