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When you or your partner poops into a coffee grinder, then mixes the resulting slurry with breast milk and mountain dew then throws it out because seriously that's disgusting why are you even reading this.
(A man has stopped by a diner to take a break from his long country drive.)

Man: What coffee do you have? I need to stay awake for a few hours to get back to the city.

Waiter: Well, we have Brown Coffee, but it's an acquired taste.

Man: How so?

Waiter: Well, it's very bitter. However, it's pretty popular around these parts because of the full-bodied taste.

Man: Sounds good. How much is that?

Waiter: Well, it's 20 bucks, and an extra 50 if you want to watch.

Man: That much?!

Waiter: Well, it is freshly squeezed.
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