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The lazy way of saying 'Bro, just roll with it' when your friend is being a douche-bag and turning down your epic suggestions for evening plans. Most of the time involving, booze, women, and random shenanigans without consequences.
Brent- 'Hey Bill, Brianna is throwing a party, and you know all her friends are not fat, hot, and DTF. Limo ride and open bar all night..LET'S DO THIS.'

Bill- 'Nah, I don't know if that's such a swell idea...I'm tired and I get so nervous when alot of women are all over my junk at once! Ahhh shizzz, I don't know man.'

Brent- 'Ok, you're supposed to be my wingman, and right now, you're being terrible. We're going. JUST BROWL WITH IT!!'
by inBlueParadise April 29, 2011
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