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Any instance of "toking" or "hitting" a bowl (whether it be a bong, pipe, etc.) with your bro(s). A common incarnation of the browl is via Skype, so long-distance bros can share their experience in unity, even when kilometres separate the two participants. The, often less satisfying, "mutual browl" is simply taken place through text (FB chat, phone, MSN, etc.) A countdown usually occurs so the browl can be enjoyed simultaneously. Lastly, another occurrence of the browl is in an online gaming party (Battlefield or COD). This is thought to be where the idea originally "spawned" from.
Participant 1: "Are you down to hit a browl?"
Participant 2: "Just try and stop me!"

Browler 1: "What music are we toking this browl to?"
Browler 2: "I was thinking 'When A Man Loves A Woman' by Michael Bolton."
Browler 1: "Superb choice."

COD gamer 1: "Let us partake in a pre-match browl."
COD gamer 2: "Hmm... yes, quite."

BF3 gamer 1: "The browling is henceforth commencing."
BF3 gamer 2: "I'm already packed and ready to go!"
by TheOriginalBrowler December 07, 2011
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