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Pork Chop, Pork Chop
Greasy Greasy
Broughton Girls are EASY EASY!
when you go to a Broughton football game and see "Broughton girls are Easy" spray-painted on the field...
by Suck it Broughton January 23, 2007
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groups of fugly sluts who have been kicked out of sms, left sms, or just arent good enough to get into a nicer school.
2. They spread gossip in about 1.333 seconds, and are known for their bad reputations.
3. consist of skanks, whores, bitches, and straight up bust assed freak a leaks
4. bhs girls think they're the shit and can kick your ass. but really they're too messed up to do that because all they do is get fucked up 24/7
5. They try to talk shit about st marys girls...when really...they want to be one so badly
6. They are so cool..that they crap and piss on each others cars
7. They make straigh A's, then again sleeping with your teacher isnt that hard.
8. 1 in every 5 has either an STD, AIDS, or herpes
9. they think they are the shit...when they only smell like it...
girl 1: hey why didnt any BHS girls get asked to queen of hearts?
boy 1: we didnt want to get SARS

girl 1: did u hear bout that BHS ( bitch hor slut) girl that slept with her teacher?
girl 2: nope...doesnt surprise me...shes a BHS girl....what a faggg

woodberry guy 1: YOU DATE A BHS GIRL?
woodberry guy 2: HELL NO...why wud i date a disgusting cock sucking std hor! you crazyyy
BHS girl 1: i think i have herpes
BHS girl 2: dont worry...your not alonee
BHS guy 1: man these bhs girls are such whores....but hey those st marys girls are mighty fine...and they dont talk trash at all!
BHS guy 2: yeah....those sms girls are fine...i wish we didnt have to be here with these old dirrty trollups...these bhs girls are by far the ugliest freak a leaks....
BHS guy 1: amen
by BHSSUCKS March 31, 2005
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Girls who aren't afraid of some all girl private school's insecurities.
Bring it on SMS! Broughton girls can listen to you complain all night... or just until your "boyfriends" call.
by Broughton's girl February 11, 2010
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Broughton girls... Best in the world! st mary's girls always rag on them because they are so jealous that they're just some rich smoking whores at an all-girl private school, and really wish they could be at Broughton, where all the hot guys are! Broughton girls are well-known for having a lot of money, wearing lacoste and polo, and having cute shoes. Broughton girls truly ARE the best in the world!
SMS Girl #1: God, I wish I could go to Broughton. I mean, all the really popular girls with all the hot guys and hot clothes go there!

SMS Girl #2: Yeah, well let's just be haters and "slay" those awesome Broughton Girls since we are so jealous!
by purtynpink October 17, 2005
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well you have two groups. the popular bitches who think they are the shit and everyone wants to be, then the girls who are sweet pretty but not so popular and bitchy.

i happen to know alot of the popular bitches, and they are, trust me, very very bitchy. they will back stab you until you cant breathe and they will make your highschool experience a living hell if you make one wrong move. its very easy to make a wrong move.

the other girls, the cute pretty but not so popular and bitchy girls, are great. they are mostly pretty laid back and have alot of guy friends. they get compliments from these guys alot because they know they are much better than the bitches because they have respect from the guys. and that is what makes them awesome, and they know it.
guy 1: wow i hate those bitchy girls
guy 2: but i love those cute pretty girls
guy 3: why cant girls just have one group. called "Broughton Girls"
by tea and grits March 17, 2006
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