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A type of nacho cheese flavored snack chip, as well as the main motivation behind the video game Mad Snacks Yo, as seen in the webcomic Homestuck.

They are perfect for "getting some way rude hunger under control."
Sweet Bro: Yo dog, I got some way rude hunger.

Hella Jeff: No prob, bro, I got some Broritos.
by TheUltamate August 19, 2010
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A brorito is a burrito that features non-Mexican ingredients that only a college student would get.
"I'm excited for that burrito I'm gonna get from qdoba. Shit's got bbq sauce in it!"

"That's such a brorito."
by jjbmavs November 07, 2009
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A late night, 7-11, microwavable burrito bought with the bros during an all night Halo party, one or more of the consumers may be high at time of purchase/ ingestion.
Brennan: "Bro, I got the mad munchies."
Aidan: "Let's go get some broritos!"
by KrYtZ November 11, 2009
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