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n. A crusade or sojourn of sorts with fellow Broskis.
Hey brocephelus, do you want to go on a broquest to Bonnaroo? It's practically a brocean with the Dead Weather playing.
by Brotoffler May 31, 2010
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An epic journey every man must undertake with his friends sometime during their lifetime. A rite of passage. This quest must be important, and a once in a lifetime experience.
1. The road trip all the way down to Bonnaroo in Tennessee this summer can only be classified as a BroQuest.
2. Backpacking through Europe with his friends was John's first BroQuest experience.
by irishdog123 March 08, 2010
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a masculine, (temporary) triumvirate, whose main objectives are to surpass the quantity of manliness inherant in popular movie 300, to "quest" for women (specifically those from Woodbridge), and to mutually support eachother in the group emotionally, spiritually, and above all heterosexually. Each member embodies an elemental animalistic avatar that defines their persona.

not to be mistaken for "questing for bros"
"he used 'er' as 'rar', and leaks testosterone. he must be in broquest!"
by alec mckay April 16, 2008
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