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Grown ass men who act like frat boy bros, especially when drinking, hitting on women and/or trying to be "cool". See also: Men who wear Ed Hardy t-shirts and True Religion jeans but have receding hair lines.
That 40-year-old guy was shitfaced by noon, let his kids run wild and made out with a woman who was not his wife. What a f***in bronup.
by CincyWordsmith December 10, 2013
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Two guys that are best friends and really old.
Hey what's the deal with our dad's hanging out together all the time? They bronups or something???
by KAAAAA3 May 23, 2009
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a bro who is over the age of 35
a dude over the age of 35 at a bar in salmon shorts, boat shoes, and a plaid button down shirt with rolled sleeves. what a bronup.
by smoking_yogi September 04, 2015
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Grown man who shows up to parties trying to relive his glory days as a "bro". Typically loud, constantly trying to edify his "legendary" status, and trying to prove that he can still keep up with the younger "bros" while also making any women present very uncomfortable.
Preferred Beverage is still a Natural Light.
"Yo! Who's that weird dude always hanging out at the rugby house?"
"I dunno, didn't he graduate like 5 years ago? Somebody needs to tell him to get a job and stop trying to be a bronup!"

Dave is in his thirties, married, with 2 kids, but still wears his varsity jacket and tries to pick up underage girls like anyone remembers that he was ever cool. What a bronup!
by ladukes08 October 27, 2014
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When a bro had kids.
Man, these bronups are really great at multitasking a beer and a stroller!
by randalicious April 03, 2019
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