Perfect. Lovely. Amazing friend.

People would kill to have her as a best friend.
She gives perfect advice and would drop everything just to help out a friend. Strong as hell.

She is a flicka.
"That girls just like a Bronte"
by Rockyyyyyy October 8, 2011
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An amazing girl, drop dead gorgeous. So sweet and caring, you're lucky if you've found one who actually likes you and will probable second guess weather she actually does a million times. She gives the best hugs, and probably towers above you. She's probably hilarious, but will have,,, questionable candy taste. She makes an amazing friend, and an eve better girlfriend. She's ridiculously hot and cute, and is always falling asleep while you're texting each other. Also, how does she smell so good?
Friend: so, who is your girlfriend?
Me: Bronte.
Friend: Oh my god she is like way out of your league!
Me: Don't I know ;))
by hi-babe April 12, 2019
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Bronte is and amazing girl with a great body and amazing tits, she could have any guy she wanted she's so cute funny nice sweet I love her so much she's so amazing and I wish I could be with her every second of my life!
Brontesouras I love u so much
by I love brontesouras April 30, 2013
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A girl of Her own Sexiness, her own Way In life, Doesn't care what people think. Can Pull Men By The Tip of Her finger One Call of a man And he's there. loving and Wonderful. Very Blissful And Beautiful.
Bronte Is As beautiful As A Blissful rose on A Summers Day.
by America Darling January 29, 2009
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The friend that is friends with everyone. Doesn't have have just one bestfriend, but many! She seems to know everyone and is the jock of the group. The boys adore her but she'd rather just be friends with them all although sometimes she'll madddd flirt. She the one to provide the laughter and entertainment for everyone, although she does have those blonde moments. But when a Bronte gets home she is usually sad and depressed, though she doesn't tell anyone. Bronte will be the funnest, most outgoing, hilarious friend, but look out for her sometimes, she might need it.
*at a party*
Guy 1: Who's that chick dancing on the pool table?
Guy 2: Bro that's Bronte surely you've heard of her!
Guy 1: Oh I know the one, she's crazy man!
by Aria xoxo Anonymous May 18, 2020
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Bronte is a very nice girl. She's not very clever especially on maths. She gets all the boys she won't especially boys named Harry. She's fit and loray and is a very kind girl.
Bronte is so fit.
by Fitttttt April 21, 2020
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Bronte is an amazing , gorgeous girl with an outgoing funny personality. Bronte will never fail to make you laugh until your stomach is in pain. Bronte is EXTREMELY pretty , hot , and attractive. Brown hair deep brown eyes and a beautiful smile.
boy 1: wow she's a hell of a beauty
boy 2: yep definitely a Bronte.
by unkownperson101 November 14, 2019
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