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When your team is completely dominated and embarrassed in front of a large audience of people (preferably nationwide, via television). You lose in spectacular fashion in practically every way possible to lose. This term is an homage to the Denver Broncos, after their spectacular debacles in Super Bowls 22 (Lost 42-10 to WA R*skins), 24 (Lost to SF 49'ers 55-10), and the recent anal pounding by the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48, by the final score of 43-8.
Dude 1: Did you see the Sunday night game with the Nets? They got straight-up Bronco'd by Orlando!
Dude 2: No doubt, Orlando owned them!
by Donkey Punching Queen February 05, 2014
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After engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman, you cuddle with her. While cuddling, you urinate all over her and the bed. Then, upon waking up, proceed to have sex on the pee stained mess.
Yesterday in the ATO house, I totally Bronco'd this chick in your bed. Have fun with the sheets, bro.
by hellacoolmayne February 28, 2009
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