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Brolestation coming from the latin root words brofus and molestati come together to form the pinnacle of Bro on Bro homosex. This is a very rare event that only comes in to play when there is a large amount of axe spray and natty ice in the air, and if the sound waves are pumpin with jack johnson, it is considered a 100% garuntee of bro-rape
Stephen: "Hey this natty ice is delicious! Wheres the rest?"

Brian: "Oh it's up in my room, bro. We should chill there I got some jack johnson and a gamecube up there we can bro-out!"

10 minutes later....


Brian: "Damn! He looked fine all soapy wet!"
by Jake-Zeb June 27, 2008
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when one bro takes it a little too far without the other bros permission.
Broseph was charged with brolestation last week after touching Bromeister's raging broner
by Lance Partydown August 27, 2008
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