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When two guys have a strong friendship. This friendship could be described as being "best friends" These two bros will hang out with each other every chance they get because theu enjoy each others company so much and have fun being around each other. This relationship is a hetero one.... no homo involved but these guys will be hanging out so much that people will think they are in love with each other.
Matt to his girlfriend Mandy: Hey I'm hanging out with Lucas today.

Mandy: Again? I'm getting jealous of this brolationship!!!

Matt: Don't worry...its no homo. We just enjoy kickin' it
by SwaggOnFull November 13, 2011
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When two bro's decide to take their broship to the next level. Usually involves them buying an apartment together, or a cottage out on the beach for a summer, while still remaining straight as an arrow.
Bro 1: Bro, we need to talk.
Bro 2: Yeah, bro?
Bro 1: I think we should take this broship to the next level. Wanna room with me at this awesome apartment?
Bro 2: You mean... you want a brolationship?
Bro 1: Yeah man.
Bro 2: Alright, bro.
by Chad Christison January 25, 2009
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A non-sexual, friendship relation between two male best friends, also known as ''Bros''. Like a Bromance but not as intense.
Me and my Bro have a mad Brolationship.
by Sellix September 20, 2014
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A friendship between two bro's that can escalate to a life long friendship based on the action of the bro's.
Your brolationship is getting pretty serious why don't you take it down a level.
by Singledadoftwo60 April 04, 2012
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