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The art of being a "Bro"
The art of being a bro is the definition of Broism. Measured by the Brotractor.
by Chessey August 30, 2008
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A bro-ism is any variation of the word "bro." Usually beginning with bro and ending with some funny or clever suffix.
Examples of a bro-ism are:
brois and clark
the bronas bothers
bro's crab shack
brocolli (not to be confused with brocolli the vegetable, different pronunciation)
Tom Brokaw
Brobi wan kenobi
bro vs. wade
el bromino
the bromuda triangle
bro-cameral legislature
broack obama
and so on....
by Master Bro October 23, 2009
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The art of being inter-connected physically and spiritually with your bro or your bro's (spefically otherwise known as bromance-bro, Bro, brah, brohaven, Broseph, brojob, brohan, broseevis, broski, and bromosexual, ). Broman so listen, being a part of broism ia like brobyerrrrring your bro bro, its just like bro. NOone could understrand or ever think about being a part of or even talking about our new religion unless your truely a BRO. You already know brothanziens and brosethamenes. If your part of the brotherliness you will comment on this status!

Special thanks to creators( Dallas Brown, Clent foerster, Travis Schuster, Rueben Cardenas. Members of TAMUCC.
Example: BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo its broism
by Dallas Brown January 15, 2012
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bro 1 :"I was just hangn' with that dude from puerto know our favorite puerto ric-bro."

bro 2: "nice usage of the broism...bro"

by Chris Smallz December 26, 2005
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Any statement obviously fratty in tone, usage, and/or intent.

also bro-ism.
Typical broisms overheard at your average kegger:

β€œParty foul!”
β€œAmerica! FUCK YEAH!!”
β€œBro. Bro. Step down. Bro. Step down!”
β€œRight on.”
"Roll Tide."
by Andre Iguodala June 27, 2009
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