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When a group of Bros Roofie each other, for the propose of forgetting the whole night in order to spend the entire next day trying to piece together the drunken debaucheries from the night before.
Bro 1) hey bros, what the plan for the weekend?
Bro 2) Brad got the hookup so were gonna have a Brohypnol tonight. you down?
Bro 1) sweet, I can't wait to forget tonight!
by JoeBroMontana December 02, 2013
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Date rape drug put in a bro's red dixie cup by another bro, for the purpose of bro rape.
Bro 1: Hey bro how was that house party last nite I heard they had natty ice."

Bro 2: Pretty schweezy, bro but I think someone slipped a brohypnol in my drink because when I woke up my ass hurt."
by G. S. Montoya January 27, 2008
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Having a friend(bro)that is so boring he puts you to sleep.
1. No I don't want to hang out with McIntyre. He is total brohypnol; he starts to talk and I fall asleep.

2. McIntyre was telling us about the weekend and I was out cold-total brohypnol.

3 when McIntyre spews his brohypnol I'm out cold.
by Who8myshoe September 22, 2013
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