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A "buddy"-esque term being used more and more often among fraternal followers nationwide (most often on campuses), harkening back to the Brovice/Sorrovice of choice, the ever-popular Blackberry. The term's literal meaning is along the lines of "Friend, Companion, or Buddy"..but is most often used in a Bro-ey type of way...which has oftentimes cast subtle hints relating to penis envy or the unjustified longing to spend the majority of one's time among men. But when used properly, it's most often in lieu of Bro/Bra.
Bro #1 (Not donning Croakies, though it's preferred for the effect) -- "You down to crunch a few Broberry, or are you gunna bail on us again?"

Bro #2 -- "Ease up Broberg (variant), if you don't back off my nuts, you'll be wearing that Scroto Saggins sign around your neck again"
by amc.Singler March 17, 2010
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a mixture of peach and strawberry phillies
you roll them together and u get bro berry
goes great with natty ice, key stone and gamecube
hey bro wana come over and play some game cube and smoke some broberry cigars.
ya bro i love broberry.
by matt craig aka the bro August 29, 2007
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