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When two guys are hanging out and one has a boner, the Broberg relieves him.
Hey buddy, I am really aroused can you be a Broberg and relieve me.

Hey! This dick isn’t going to Broberg itself!
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by Juicy Jim February 11, 2019
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A large, icy, mass that large groups of douche bag Frat Fucks enjoy throwing out the window at innocent folk on the street.
(Tremendous impact, an SUV squeals off and someone yells, "FAGS!" out the window)

Kent (wiping snow off his face) "Mother fuckers! They got me so good.

Brad (Very pissed and snowy) "I wish they just would have fucking killed me.. I don't want to inconvenienced with pain."

Kent- "what was that, an Iceberg?"

Brad-" No, a broberg"
by Lars Randle Mars March 11, 2008
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