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Hailing from Chadbourn, NC, Broadway Mill is a well-rounded artist that unites an east-coast lyricism with a country swagger. Bringing lyrical prowess to the soundtrack of the hip-hop game, Broadway brings a much-needed substance to the ever-present crunk of the south. Setting out to dispel stereotypes, Broadway is pursuing a degree in business management at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Broadway is aiming to lift himself and his community by combining an education with his knowledge of the street game. An avid listener of rhythm and blues at the age of 6, Broadway developed a love for greats such as Roberta Flack, the Delphonics, and Gladys Knight. As the soulful beats of rhythm and blues sparked Broadways musical interests, hip hop artists such as Pastor Troy, Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep heavily influenced his development as an emcee. Broadways style is unique due to diverse influences which can be heard through the smooth and sharp delivery of his lyrics. Known first as Bliss One, Broadway moved from Miller to Broadway Street which gave birth to the name Broadway Mill. Broadway began garnering respect by free-styling at the tender age of nine, but began writing poetry and lyrics two years earlier. Using the neighborhood baseball field as venue for honing his craft, he began to develop a name and personality for himself. Broadways everyday life is his inspiration for creating music and wanting to improve his situation. Combined with exceptional drive and vision, he set out to prove nay-sayers wrong. Starting out with a group known as Regulators, he is currently setting the stage to both impress the south and make Chadbourn proud of their baby-boy. Im fierce whenever it comes to emceeing, but Nas said it better than anyone explains Broadway. People fear what they dont understand and hate what they cant conquer. (Nas, Hate Me Now). Broadway seeks to fully understand the concepts, issues and situations that inspire him to create music before he attacks them with his words. By doing the research, becoming aware, and enlightening himself on everything that surrounds him, Broadway becomes a true master of his ability and talents. By taking this approach, he has been able to capture the raw essence of musicianship that reflects a mature and controlled style of a true emcee. From North Carolina to Washington, D.C., Broadway has performed at various venues establishing a name for himself and building a following. Broadways first live performance was at Fantasys Night Club in his hometown of Chadbourn, NC, where he gained a lot of local respect from battling other emcees. New to the Washington, D.C. area, Broadway has been introducing himself to the people through many performances at local DC clubs with Heavy Syndication ( Heavy Syndication is a newly formed media production company based in Washington, D.C. that serves as a production house for hip hop artists and producers. Broadways incredible talent makes him an invaluable addition to the Heavy Syndication family. Broadway Mill is destined to put his stamp in hip hop. This up and coming artist has more to offer than can be described in words. To say it bluntly, BROADWAY GETS IT ALL DAY!
Broadway Mill gets it all day daddy!

Broadway Mill is from North Carolina.

Broadway Mill is performing near you.
by H.S.-A.L. July 06, 2006
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