The Philadelphia Flyers teams of the 1970s. They were so mean, rough, and vicious that other teams were intimidated and scared shitless to play them.

First Edition (1972-1975) featured Dave "The Hammer" Schultz, Bob "The Hound" Kelly, Andre "Moose" Dupont, and Don "Big Bird" Saleski.

Second Edition (1976-1981) included Paul Holmgren, Mel Bridgman, Behn Wilson, Dave Hoyda, Glen Cochrane, and Ken "The Rat" Linseman. Those were the scariest teams in hockey history.

Third Edition (1981-approx. 1987) included Dave Brown, Rick Tocchett, Daryl Stanley and Craig Berube.
Man do I miss those days of the Broad Street Bullies and Big Bad Bruins.
by Woody Thomas January 22, 2006
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