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A term used among bros in the Broman Empire referencing NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath. A Bro Namath is typically a ladies man and a leader in a group of bros.
bro 1: "Sup Bro Namath? We gonna chase some tail tonight?"
bro 2: "You know it! I get more a$$ than a proctologist!"
by alphabro February 12, 2014
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In comedic reference to NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath, Bro Namath is a term expressing endearment in amazement for another male, typically a close friend.
Matt: "Hey man, this is a clutch party."
John: "Thanks for coming out tonight, Bro Namath."

Kyle: "Hey dude, I cleaned out the garage for you."
Brendan: "...really? Wow, thanks so much. Man...seriously, thanks Bro Namath."
by chrisgrose October 08, 2009
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a term of endearment from one fellow to another.

the term also imparts a sense of awesomeness and studliness

referring to the legendary NFL quarterback, Joe Namath

see also: no homo, bromance
Steve: Man, Jerry, you've been working out. You look great, bro namath!
Jerry: uh, thanks Steve ... no homo right?
Steve: Whatever, this is a bromance, except it.
by hartdahl April 28, 2011
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