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The designated zone for a group of bros to chill, bro out or get fucked up. The bro cave can take many forms: a dorm room, living room, bedroom or an apartment are all acceptable.
Flat screen, X-Box and dope speaker system are a must to satisfy all bro-quirements. Marijuana and alcohol consumption are always acceptable when the bro cave is in session. Bonus points to any bro cave that has a percy bong, vaporizer, or both.
Hoes are welcome into the cave, but if they start fucking with the cave's bro-flow, they must vacate the bro cave.
Non-bros, or brokillers, are never allowed into the cave, no matter what the circumstances - however potential bros are always welcome to smoke some bowls or drink some beers with established bros in the bro cave.
Bro #1: Yo bro, wanna go hit a few bowls and sesh some FIFA '10 up in the bro cave?
Bro #2: Hell yeah brotha, let's strap on our bowlerskates!
Bro #1: Yeeeee, strap em on nice and tight!
by Jamal Brocaveying December 06, 2010
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place or area where people known as "bro's" can hang out chill or do whatever the hell they want. The bro cave is hidden from people known as non bro's in a batmanish kinda way. if the bro cave is ever discovered or revealed it is law to change the location in immense secrecy. bro's know where this place is, non bro's think they know.
Bro-Hey lets invite ryan over.

Other Bro- Nah man he's one of them non bro's and can't find out where the bro cave is...
by Bre.. February 26, 2009
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