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Bro Town is the much loved New Zealand cartoon which takes the piss out of everything New Zealanders are too sensitive too actually admit or are worried about saying because the Maori, Samoan, Tongan, or general Polynesian mix will smash them for saying. It has created many common phrases in New Zealand such as Morning Side 4 Life!, Peyow, Peyow!, and I'm going to the pub, I may be some time... It also takes the piss out of F.O.B pronounciations of English such as 'Peer' for 'Beer'
"Bro Town jus ran its las epysoyd ow"
"Fuck Morning Side 4 Life, Otara where the thugs at!"
"I'd like to Peyow, Peyow her."
by Lavalava June 23, 2009
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London, Ontario.
Nowhere else.

Brotown is basically downtown London, if you are going to a show tonight with your bro's.
Well then HELL your going for a night out in Brotown!
"hey dood, im STOKED to go to the show tonight!"
"yeah man me too! whos all comin tonight?
"i think the whole groups comin down to brotown tonight!"
"dood, this sounds SICK!"
by Kris Cliche May 27, 2008
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What you call someone present who no one else really likes. Only works if they don't know what brotown means
Phil: Oh no, here comes John, he's so annoying.
John: What's up guys?
Phil: Sup brotown?
by ol drippy June 06, 2009
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New Zealand show made to ammuse children under the age of 10/all islanders/retards
TV: Next on tv 2 we have Bro Town
by DPBmorePLZ November 02, 2009
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