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Also spelled BroGod, refers to one of your more closer "Bro's"
Y'all all my bro's but this nigga right here the Bro god
by Kokokoji March 03, 2014
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Group chat text: Yo Wya?
Me: at the movies with my brogod
Group chat: how old is that nigga?
Me: 23
by BroGod Kam February 21, 2014
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A group of wannabe thugs, that claim they have a big dick but half of their personality is it. They are most likely the fakest people you will ever meet and are thirsty little whores that rape children. They are mostly at EU, Sierra, and Weston Ranch. If you ever across one, ru.
"oh shit there's the bro gods" -Mia

"well, the night is ruined, we better go before we get our asses beat by Savannah" - Lauren
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by ldawns24 February 06, 2018
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