At his worst, a bro gamer is a bro who plays nothing but the latest Call of Duty, Halo, or Gears of War; and any sports game on ONLY the Xbox 360 (although playing any of these games or owning an Xbox doesn't necessarily qualify you as a bro gamer, it sure doesn't help). Found in their natural habitat of college dorms and fraternities, they are often found drinking cheap-ass beer from red plastic cups with their frat mates and talking about "chicks, man." Their vocabulary consists of mainly faggot, quickscope, 10th prestige, and my penis is larger than yours. Will claim the vast superiority of terrible AAA titles published by Activision and EA while claiming that superior and less popular titles, indie or otherwise, are "shitty" and have "bad graphics."

They are known for a variety of fun ruining characteristics, such as taking the game too seriously, over competitiveness, and insulting everyone on their and the opposing team.

While the Bro Gamer and most other gamers get along, his mortal enemies are the Hardcore Gamer and especially the PC Gamer who find utter offense in the bro's generally poor or limited taste in video games, and over fondness of his console of choice. When these two types of gamers meet they often bring out the worst in each other.
Gamer: Did you check out Stacking, man?
Bro Gamer: Naw man!
Gamer: Super Meat Boy?
Bro Gamer: HELL NAW.
Gamer: Then what do you play?
Gamer: I find your choice in games to be disappointingly narrow, but as a gamer who simply plays for fun, I don't think I could care less.

Hardcore Gamer: I'm playing VVVVVV. It's hard as hell, but oh so satisfying.
Bro Gamer: Man, shit. Those graphics be the opposite of hella dank, playa.
Hardcore Gamer: Get out.

PC Gamer: I prefer PC gaming because of the keyboard and mouse, as the mouse itself is unarguably a superior aiming tool.
Bro Gamer: Hell naw, bro. Controllers all the way! Don't need auto-aim or nothin!
PC Gamer: My bro senses are tingling. Also, get out.
by somepcgamer March 7, 2011
When you spend more time gaming with your friends than with your own family.
Sorry mom, I can’t come for dinner right now. I’m gaming with the gamer bro’s”
by Hunter Tadin April 25, 2020
Noun: One who believes that fandom of a game means ownership, often expressed as incredibly aggressive requests to the game developers
this Gamer Bro Karen just asked for this game to get multiplayer, despite the entire infrastructure of it being defined around single player simulation
by Brafricaon May 9, 2020