Food made traditionally in Britain. Such foods include shepherd's pie, mince pies (commonly consumed at Christmas) and Roast Dinners (often referred to as Sunday roast) which includes food such as roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables, gravy and yorkshire puddings. All dishes are delicious and tasty and MUST be tried.
I love British food. But maybe that is because I am British and eat these foods regularly.
by MadMadMadx July 11, 2008
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any kind of food containg ham, bread slices, fruit, sugar, and tomatoes all in one dish. Usually has the word "pudding" or "pie" afterwards to make it SOUND good.
shephards pie (for god's sake your eating shephards, man!)
mince pie (ewww)
by Kat February 3, 2004
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When you get an item of food out of the cupboard and hit it against your significant others behind while in the kitchen
I gave “jasmine the great British food spank the other night while she was washing up, she was pissed”!
by Therealslimbaby November 20, 2022
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