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A beautiful latin/mexican girl, who walks with class and sexiness.
She is sweet to all who come her way. An absolute caring person. May be quiet or shy, but just waiting to burst out of their shell. A born star. May sometimes overlook good opprotunites. Indecisive, for they dream with their heart and could see the good & bad of every choice they could ever make.
A good dancer, with a creative soul. Gives their heart away too easily, but only a couple times. Never is over someone they fell hardest for.
She's almost always laughing, because life is just good for her.

-Brissa is also a Short form of the Spanish name Briseida, from Briseis, the Greek name of the woman loved by Achilles in Homer's "Iliad".
Random Person: who's that sexy girl?

Random Person #2: thats Brissa man

Random Person: damnn shes beautiful & fine!

Random Person #2: and a sweetheart
by ursecret February 27, 2010
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Someone who thinks that a person they've met once is their best friend. Brissa's also tend to make ONE face in all of their myspace pictures, and overuse the phrase "LOL."
They tend to be best friends with people named "feven" who only talk to the people on the internet, and is dead silent in person.
Random Person: "Hey, what's your name?"

Brissa: "LOL, I'm Brissa and your my new bffl!"

Feven: *silence*
by fandl January 29, 2010
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