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Brishan's are strange creatures who seem to occasionally forget the world around them and wander off on their own. This is not a bad thing, simply a facet of their personality.

More often than not they are caring people. They worry too much and stress about things that need not be stressed about. Sometimes they over think things and hence take a lot longer in their daily activities than necessary. However, these things are shed as they grow older.

Generally a loving bunch. Brishan's have a lot to offer if only they could look themselves in the mirror and see, finally, something worthwhile.

Because there is so much there that they cannot see. Thank goodness Brishan's are often surrounded by friends who can see, very clearly, what they're really made of.
"Look how long he's taking. He is such a Brishan."
by Viola Day February 03, 2010
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The best woman God ever created. She is perfect, not many have been seen or heard of. I know of only one in existance, and she will have every man want to say.. Dammit.... Or.. Hur.. Hurr...
The perfect woman, A Brishan is Beautiful. sexy, loving, a great cook, loves animals, keeps a very nice house, and a friend above all friends. She can dance and still kiss the best even after thirty when most ladies stop. Generally what every man wants
by RingsMstr February 03, 2010
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