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A Cute Short Girl With A Big Personality. With A Beautiful Smile && Light Brown Eyes. Is A Little Paisita Who Only Likes Guy That Can Dance As Well As She Can. She Loves To Party And Go Out With Friends But When It Comes Down To It, Dancing Is Her Thing. Shes A Major Sex Addict. But She Keeps It Classy && Can Not Be Categorized As A Hoe. She Is Always There For Her Family && Friends && Is Always Trying To Help, Even If She Cant Solve Her Own Problems. She Is Very Loving, Caring, && A Little Crazy, But When You Get On Her Bad Side, She Can Be A Total Bitch. She Is An Amazing Girlfriend && Will Be Very Faithful. So If You Have A Briseyda, Just Know Shes A Keeper. So Dont Let Her Go.
Omg! That Girl Can Dance !

Ohh Yeah, Thats Briseyda. (:
by Awesome55me March 29, 2013
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A generous sweet lovely girl who stays true and is always willing to put a smile on anyones face, especially those she cares about. She's the type of girl to put in her all and keep promises. She has great taste in music, she's always there, she's very friendly and trustworthy. She's also polite and innocent in public but an absolute freak in bed.
Who's that?

Oh, that's Briseyda.
She looks stuck up.
What? No way, she's the complete opposite!
by heyheyinfinitive June 16, 2014
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Briseyda is a very beautiful girl!!!A gorgeous girl who is so beautiful she intimidates guys with her beauty.She a shy type of girl,that always looks out for her friends.And is very smart!Girls are jealous of her, guys wanna have her.Shes an honest and loving person who isnt afraid to speak the truth.She is a good person INSIDE an OUT! She is always pretty no matter what, morning, noon, and night. She is prettier if she is a brown haired and brown-eyed!! She is trustful and the best friend you can ever have!A Briseyda is smart, generous, thoughtful, artistic, creative, kind, caring, amazing person.You don’t want to lose her!
Briseyda;smart,trustworthy,loving,beautiful,brave,caring,nice,artists,nice sense of style
by Briseyda November 12, 2017
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