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A girl who loves memes and is called "Meme Dealer" at school. She loves dogs and she enjoys reading about history. She doesn't believe in love but she doesn't mind romantic movies.
by skskpoppopyeet March 07, 2019
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Briet is a really smart, beautiful, sophisticated girl. She is a little bit of a player but when she finds the right man she holds on to him
that girls name is briet
by briet October 12, 2018
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(v) To have downs.

(N) bboy wannabe.

(Adj) Sexy.
(v) "Why do you have your hands down your pants?"
"because i'm brieting!"

(N) "Look at my flare" "Dude your flare sucks. You're such a briet."

(Adj) "Dude you have ort in your mouth. That's so briet ;"
by I'm HArd December 25, 2007
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