When your partner's vagina or anus is so loose you have to insert a fleshlight before intercourse.
My Tinder date was fine as hell, but I had to bridge the gap to feel anything.
by Robert Chrisbrent June 11, 2020
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When you struggle with something, and you wanna overcome that. Like you wanna pass the problems, bridging a problem (gap)
"No man, I gotta handle it my self, just bridging the gap".
by Lil' haze January 16, 2008
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When you take a shit and it connects your butthole to the water.
Bridge the Gap

You eat a lot of fiber and roughage the day before. You take a monster shit and it goes into the water before it breaks.
by shitinmymouthtomakemecum February 24, 2011
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To bridge the gap, bridging the gap in its gerund form, is to pull your dick out of the ass at the end of anal sex and to spray your cum from cheek to cheek, "bridging the gap" of the anal sphincter.
I was fucking the crap out of her ass last night but I wanted a full on porno money shot, so I pull out and bridge the gap with my pearly white cum.
by me oh my October 02, 2005
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To lay ones forearm across the two heat sensors on a B&M coaster control panel, which forms a "bridge". This allows the operator to have one hand free during dispatch.
Can you answer the phone? No, I'm dispatching a train. Why don't you bridge the gap?
by Dr. Ros April 03, 2010
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The act of producing a turd of sufficient dimension to contact both sides of a toilet bowl simultaneously; with or without making contact with toilet water.
''I took the biggest crap of me life this morning. I even bridged the gap with one of those bad boys. Nothing fills a man with pride quite like bridging the gap!''
by The-gap-bridger February 15, 2012
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When a males penis, or foreign object goes from one cavity (vagina) to another one (Anus).
A male and a female having vaginal intercourse. The male then "Bridges the gap" (Bridging the gap) having his penis enter her anus. The result is usually death for the female.
by Paul Brando August 02, 2006
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