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Bricelyn is always pretty nice, can be a bitch though. She always laughs at her own jokes, almost pees herself usually.

Usually nicely hearted and likes having loooooong relationships, she deserves a guy to treat her right
Pretty short, and doesn’t seem to show any weight gain once she eats.
Really hyper, and loves to impress you with her amazing skills.
M1: Who’s that?
M2: Thats Bricelyn, she’s pretty cute. But don’t fuck with her, she’s a little devil if she hates you.
M1: Id still hit that..
by Bricelyn January 25, 2018
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Bricelyn is a girl who is very pretty and thick. She is loveable and doesn't give a fuck about anything. She gets mad very fast and she is very bipolar.
Damn bricelyn got a big booty
Damn bricelyn fine as fuck
by ice princessa November 15, 2018
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