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Two people who should be together. Forever.

Back in the early 10th century, all Brians who were born were immediately paired with Jens. All Jens were locked away in tall towers and told that if they built cool enough machinery they could get out to their Brians, and they had to have great adventures to get out. Some of them blew up the towers, some of them punched the guards to get out--

The Brians didn't always believe in the Jens, and grew up telling stories about towers guarded by dragons with damsels in them. This grew from one Jen who built a dragon to help her out of the tower.

But sometimes Brians would find their Jens. One Brian knit a long rope all the way to the top to get his Jen out. In another case, the Dragon Jen found her Brian and flew away with him into the moon where they built those huge craters you see up there now.

Modern Jens and Brians don't have the benefit of medieval matchmaking. They have to find each other on their own.

Good luck, Brian and Jen.
Brian And Jen are so perfect for each other, but they have a lot of obstacles to plow through before they can get married.
by tinkerbelldeathflowerxxxxx008 January 02, 2012
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