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Verb: This tradition started when the Connecticut drinking age was 21, and the New York drinking age was still 18. These days the great state of Connecticut does not allow liquor purchases past eight o'clock at night. When an individual or group of individuals from the greater Danbury area run out of libations past this magic hour, the following steps must be taken:

1. Find the most sober, willing person available to drive. Unfortunately the most sober person at the party is generally not the most willing, a compromise must be reached before continuing, usually involving an exchange of goods, services and in rare cases, sex.

2. Gather funds. This involves emptying out of pockets and cleaning out cars. Remember you cannot pay for beer with old pieces of gum. Include some gas money for your driver.

3. Drive to Brewster, NY.

4. Realize you have forgotten something. (ID, money, your brain) and go back to Connecticut to recover the forgotten item.

5. Drive back to Brewster, NY.

6. Purchase overpriced beer from an extremely grumpy gas station attendant or liquor store clerk, who does NOT feel like dealing with you. Not at all.

7. Laugh at grumpy retailer.

8. Drive back to Connecticut.

9. Rejoice!
We have to buy enough beer NOW, I don't want to have to make a Brewster run.
by LimerickLynn September 15, 2010
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