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Breeann is a beautiful amazing girl.
Shes weirdly awesome.
Really cool to hangout with.
She loves science.
Her personality is unique.
Many guys like her but she only
Goes for the trustworthy,caring,cute,
Kind,funny,awesome to hang out with,
Weird guys.
She loves only one sport.
She hates liars,hates feeling left out,and she especially
Hates it when people hurt her feelings.
She hides her anger,problems and sadness because she doesnt want people to worry about her.
She only gives second chances and no more.
Breeann is everything.
Guy 1: i blew my chances but she was amazing and regret doing what i did to Breeann.
by Nonofyourbuisness February 07, 2013
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A sexy, beautiful girl who is wild and loves to have fun. She is crazy and has lot's of friends. She can be weird and she is really funny. Everyone should meet a bree-ann in their life.
Guy 1: I'm so alone

Guy 2: Bro, you need to meet a Bree-ann !
by LITTLEMIX. February 09, 2013
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When you're fucking a chick and you cover your dic in tequila and then light it on fire and stick it back in.
Giving a Breeann can totally burn your sausage.
by King Singh August 12, 2008
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