(proper noun) Adult film actress. Commonly misspelled as Bree Olsen. Made a brief cameo on the Kardashian's television show, and was a call a slut....very ironic.?
ex 1 - If you held my keyboard up to a blacklight, you could see it from space.

ex 2 - My DNA is all over the place from that Bree Olson flick
by THC420 December 1, 2009
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A porn actress born Rachel Oberlin on 7 October 1986 from Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Until recently she lived a very slutty personal life, tweeting a hotel address and inviting strangers to stand in line to have sex with her.

At last years Berlin Sex Fest she was inserting objects into her vagina while laying on a turn table then throwing the objects into the audience.
She has since left Fort Wayne and moved to LA with her boyfriend and has claimed to no longer make porn films.
I am broken hearted over Bree Olson, I so wanted to have sex with her. I will miss that slut.
by jsd9632 January 14, 2012
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