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An uncommon German last name found throughout the US and the World. Means either "breaker of iron" or "iron breaker" in German. Many are known for their intelligence, skillset, and wittiness.
You're a Brecheisen? That makes sense. You're awesome.
by stealthypanda April 26, 2011
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The surnames of a long lost powerful tribe from the Rhine region of Germany. When Attila the Hun reached Germany, there was one name he feared over all others. Thus he annihilated the tribe, except for one small boy. But then God spoke to him, and said go forth and multiply. So the little Brecheisen, named Erik went to the new land of AMERICA, where he met a very nice lady. And populated the new world with Brecheisens. So a very little known fact is that everyone born in America after 1750 is actually a Brecheisen. And beware of the knees.
Man did you see that Brecheisen walk by?? Her shorts were exposing those exotic knees of hers like no other!
by Ndp1992 April 24, 2011
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