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The classic sport of tossing a small ball of paper, or any other small object, down a girl's (preferably low-cut) shirt--the "breastket". Standard basketball scoring rules apply. The three-point line is a rough ten feet away from the girl's chest. A game begins when one player says something along the lines of "Hey dude watch this" or "I bet i can get this down her shirt" to his friend, and then shoots. The breastket must be the same girl for the entire game, however multiple games can be played at once, with different scores. Then the game is played until both players agree on declaring the end. Slam dunks are allowed. The girl has NO say in the game's beginning, play, or end. The game is most easily played on higher cup size breastkets, however, less of a challenge.
Austin- "Hey Gage, how much you bet I'll score on Meredith right now?"
Gage- "You won't. There's no way!"
*Austin shoots and scores*
Both- "Two points!"
A breastketball game has begun.
by My name is Johnny February 09, 2012
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game popular amongst horney middle school boys in which a girl in a low cut shirt is showered with assorted garbage aimed at her cleavage.
An excuse for middle school boys to reach down a girl's shirt in order to retrieve a sunk wad of paper.

see boob grabbing
Joe: Hey baby, hows about a game of breastketball
Slutty Susan: ok, feel my chest!!!!!

Joe: Hi sexy, let me play breastketball with you
Mary: Eww pervert, Dont touch me or my titties
by Lyndsey and Steph June 22, 2006
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A lunch-time game invented by high-schoolers where spare change from their respective lunches is thrown into the cleavage of a female classmate.

rules: One point for every coin made into the shirt.
Two points if the coin is bounced.
Three if the coin goes into the bra.
Four if the coin goes in the pants.
Five if the coin is not retrieved within the game's duration.
Ten points if it's a slam dunk.
(If more than one score applies add them together)
"Dude I got a few quarters, you wanna play some breastketball?"
by goosepoopsscoops April 25, 2009
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