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When you're going through a breakup and every little thing makes you want to scream obscenities for no good reason.
Watch what you say to April this week. She's got breakup tourettes.
by VedetteTX October 18, 2011
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Breakup Tourette's is when you use words or quotes frequently used by someone you've gone your separate ways with, resulting in you being reminded of them and exclaiming curse words.
Sarah: "Hey girl! How has everything been going? Long time no see!"
Sabrina: "Oh you know, I've just been talking to puto ass... FUCK"
Sarah: "What's wrong?"
Sabrina: "My stupid ex always would say puto ass!"

Sarah: "I see you got a case of Breakup Tourette's!"
by sm2014 August 19, 2016
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