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Braziliency is the positive capacity of people to overcome stress and catastrophe through the power of Brazil.

This is exemplified with the joy, culture and life of those Brazilians living and thriving in the Favelas.

Braziliency has expanded over the years to include anyone who uses the music and culture of Brazil to overcome stress, heartache and disaster. Even the thought of an upcoming trip to Brazil can catalyze the resilience needed to survive the most dismal of weeks.

To see a visual of Braziliency, please see the Vengaboys music video for their song "To Brazil."
C: Dag Yo, how are you gonna survive 6months of Chemo?

A: Buh-Duh, Kevvie promised me a beach vacay in Rio, so I'm using all the Braziliency I've got to overcome this!
M: Ugh, there's only one way I can get through 3 months of GMAT testing
K: How's that?
M: Pure Braziliency.... Brazillllll Lalalalalalalalalalalala, lalalalalalala, lalalalala, Brazil
by Quixotichoya July 22, 2010
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