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A person who is both British and Australian.
"I heard she comes from both Britain and Australia, that makes her a Braussie!"
by calumsnike October 11, 2015
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A Braussie is a person who:

-A. Born in either Britain or Australia, and has moved to either country. (*NOTE: They are not a Braussie if they have not moved to either country*)

-B. Impersonates a British and Australian, and talks like with an accent.

- Has parents that are both British and Australian and raised the child with both heritages.
Guy 1: So dude watch this.
(Girl walks by)

Guy 1: 'Scuse mi poppet! My chap over here is wonderin how an angel like ye not be swarmed by guys

Girl: (Giggles) I like your accent. Where you from? (smiles)

Guy 1: Well from mi Mum N' Pop! Kidden' I be a Braussie.

Girl: Soo... You're a foreigner? (Estatic grin)

Guy 1: Aye, in a sense I be... Aye. Anywho! Mind giving my chap over here your number? He thinks your quite the she devil (Seducing look / charm)

Girl: Sure! (writes down numbers for both guys)

(Girl walks away)

Guy 2: How.. did you do that?

Guy 1: Perks of 'being' a Braussie!
by OriginalBraussie July 05, 2011
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