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Brainstream: ber-ayn ster-eem

Brainstream is when the mind has various multiple thoughts that begin to find connections within each, therefore each thought is in conjunction with the other and instead of just separated thoughts, they all began to flow together creating a "stream"
Currently my mind is thinking of birds and how they fly, their wings carry them and use their tail to change directions. Planes fly but they use aerodynamics and their wings have to be at a certain degree inorder to maintain flight, but not everything with wings can fly, ostriches don't fly, but they can run really fast, Usain Bolt is the fastest runner in the world, Bolt is from Jamaica, they have beautiful reggae, Bolts of lightening you see for only a split second, split seconds can determine a winner in races, race cars spelt forwards and backwards is the same, is the opposition of the same, opposite? Asking questions can sometimes be better than receiving answers.

I've just had a 5 minute brainstream that started with birds and ended with a question..
by Abstract Minds October 02, 2011
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