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Braelyn is beautiful inside and out. She (usually) has blonde hair and blue, gray, or green eyes. She is smart, even though she is a "blonde". She has all the guys falling for her. She is artistic. She is the perfect girlfriend or friend. She loves playing video games. She loves animals. She loves social media (who doesn't). She doesn't think she beautiful but she is. She is self conscious of her body. She thinks she fat, but people tell her she's not.
Wow she has been petting that dog for 5 minutes her name must be braelyn

That girl is over there playing Xbox, her name must be Braelyn
by Go search vixella on google December 10, 2016
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Someone who is beautiful on the inside and out but at the same time isn't afraid to share thier opinion and will stand up for you and very trustworthy.
You are acting sweet and Braelyn today
by Realynn February 04, 2010
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Nice amazing and doesn't know when to stop . She is smart with black hair and brown eyes . You will never want her to go .
She is amazing her name is probably Braelyn .
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by Shhh don't t July 17, 2018
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