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Boyzee is not the capital of the state of Idaho USA ~ it is in fact Boysea.
i is going up to Boyzee, Boyzee State is gonna beat the Vandals, Boyzee Iowa?
by Teddy Buoy October 23, 2006
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A term used by chav's and chavettes, usualy from rural Bexley and surrounding villages, to greet people.

" alroight booyyyyzzzeeeeeee "

Users of this clearly chavish phraze often appear to lead normal lives.. work as city peckers.. pretend to have lots of friends... have sparrow legs.. play air guitar and usually are quite geekish, heavily in to grunge, indee and other obscure CRAP bands. Giving it the Larry Large.
check the FF "boyyzzeeeeeeeeee"

pauses to throw a sweet in the air and catch it in his chavvy gob
by bates me June 24, 2004
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