Boy better know is JME's record label. The phrase is used in fights and verbal abuse, meaning that boy better know what he is up against. (girls also can use this by sayin 'gyal better know')
sum person - 'u wasteman'
sum ova person - 'yea, boy better know'
by Haz Newman April 17, 2007
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used by jme skepta and other mc' tell other shhh huhh deya mouhh...and it is the record label
Mc jme: boy better know ryder is a swag mc
swag mc ryder: narr blud chat air pie u si mi wah u mean?
MC Skepta: boy better know is the label and u will respect


Fake mc: u best kno bredrin
Mc Wiley: nah blud, Boy better Know u get me fam
by tru suljuh August 23, 2006
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the best crew in the UK grime scene
the two main MC's are JME and Skepta
other MC's include Frisco, Shorty, Big H, President T
boy better know DJ is Maximum

boy better know is on another level man
'yo u seen dat boy better know crew?'
'yer man der sik'
by danhaz February 17, 2008
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