When boys gossip about their fortnite dubs.
Jackson: I got a Victory Royal last night.

Jacob: I got one in technology class yesterday.

Landen: I took a crap in the school bathroom and got dubs two times yesterday.

Teacher: Y'alls freaking boy drama, get the school counselor.
by omw.to.your.dads.house February 11, 2019
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Drama occurring in the homosexual man community. Generally happens in large quantities and travels faster than heterosexual drama. Often more interesting and complex.
Ashleigh: "I love Gay-Boy Drama!"

Tanner: "Ugh! He's always surrounded with gay-boy drama!"
by kickourpigeons January 27, 2011
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A grown ass man who acts like a child when angry; pouts, slams doors, throws temper tantrums, overreacting.
His drama boy came out last night, when he didn't get his way.
by Jb00l0vesu March 9, 2016
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