A post-season football game played by the top ranked teams in NCAA Football.

In college football parlance, the term "bowl" can also be used as a verb: as in a successful team going "bowling".

The term "bowl" originated from the Rose Bowl Stadium, site of the first post-season college football games.

There are Tiers of bowl games too, some are more prestigous. The Rosebowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Cotton bowl all have a great history, and are known for having the top ranked teams.

Teams must be in the BCS Bowl Champion Series subdivision.
Chuck: I heard Ohio state is going to the Rose Bowl this year.
Gnarles: Yeah, they go to that bowl game because they are a great team.
Chuck: Crappier teams like Kansas State get to go to the Texas Bowl.
Gnarles: Yeah, and Rutgers Destroys them!
by g-diggity December 1, 2007
Crapping or taking a dump. Since the Cleveland Browns have never gotten to the superbowl it is unlikely that people will confuse this with anything actually football related.
Dude1: Where you going?
Dude2: I'm taking the browns to the bowl game.
Dude1: Good luck, go for the 2 point conversion.
by Handballs April 13, 2009
The act of over-inflating ones self-confidence by playing a long stretch of weaker competition, and then becoming overwhelmed when confronted by a respectable opponent.
Wow, That 16 year old has a bad case of Ohio State Bowl Game. I can’t believe the way he’s is picking on that 9 year old. Just wait till he tries that on somebody his own size.

These Ohio State Bowl Games get worse every time. I lost track of how many years in a row it has been where the Buckeyes have been overrated because they play a pathetically easy regular season; only to be totally annihilated when forced to play a respectable opponent.

After beating Youngstown State, Navy, and Toledo; all the Buckeyes have to do is beat Michigan before they get crushed in their standard Ohio State Bowl Game appearance.
by Mopery November 28, 2009