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A small town in the panhandle of Idaho, filled with stuck up two faced old people who think their shit dont stink. It consists of a Winery, a Bar, a Library, a City Hall, an Elementary School and a Prespreterian Church. People come to Bovill for the Annual BOVILL RUN, the annual 4th of July firework show, Wapiti Days, and Bovill Days. People also come to Bovill for Camping, Hunting and got to the Local Moose Creek Reservoir to go fishing and go up to the blue lagoons to get drunk.

The Population is under 300 people and everyone knows everyone.

When the sun goes down and the street lights come on you either hear Wolves or you hear Coyotes howling from right on the outskirts of town. There are occasional cows that come through town, people that ride horses through town, and yes, there are Moose, Deer and the occasional Cougars that come into town as well.

There is a comradary but also a rivalry in the town, it all just depends who thoes snotty ass old folks choose to treat you to your face.
Are you going hunting out near BOVILL this weekend?

The firework show in BOVILL lasted an hour and a half this year, it was phenomenal!
by PSEUDOMONAS0101 July 23, 2018
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